◇ ASMR ◇ light (mostly) nail scratching *no talking*


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Hi friends! I started watching ASMR in 2014 - and shortly after... I decided I would try my hand at making my own! I've been gone for something like three years now - I had some big things happen, and it meant that, well, life got interesting for a littl

Light scratching was requested, and I had a little time to record last night! The ceiling-people have been home a lot more than usual lately, which had meant I've had significant difficulty getting time when there aren't elephant noises from the upstairs


Sep 2018
Wonderful! With zen garden ASMR videos my favorite part is usually the pouring of the sand and crinkling of the bag at the beginning so this is my new favorite video!
Sep 2018
LOVE THIS!!!! I love the fine sand in zen gardens, and all kinds of powdery ASMR things !
Sep 2018
Fav trigger by far haha
Jul 2018
I loved this
Jul 2018
Awesome video,thank you so much!❤❤
Apr 2018
Nooooo I'm so sad. I just found you and it looks like this was your last video ☹️
Apr 2018
Your other unintelligible videos were more than 100x better than this... thing. Please never make one like this again, I want the old A Little ASMR back </3
Mar 2018
It's all over, but the cryyyiiing.And I can't get over, cryyying over youuuu
Jan 2018
No talking apart from when you tell one of your animals "quiet" at about 59:44. I swear that made me laugh so hard. First of all, because it was kept in the video. Thank god I was using this to get some work done rather than sleep, for that would
Jan 2018
Just came upon this ASMR video while looking for some new content. This was great.. Too bad it was a year ago, where did you go????☹️☹️