◇ ASMR ◇ tracing + tapping on the porcelain plate *no talking*


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Hi friends! I started watching ASMR in 2014 - and shortly after... I decided I would try my hand at making my own! I've been gone for something like three years now - I had some big things happen, and it meant that, well, life got interesting for a littl

Someone (who shall remain nameless, because the request was sent to me privately!) requested an update on the original magical porcelain plate video I did, and so here it is!! It's pretty long and features our friend the chopstick, so I hope you enjoy it


Mar 2017
i really enjoy crunching sounds like this especially rocks and gravel thanks for making this
Mar 2017
I loved the whispered chat/story time aspect of this. So sorry to hear about all the problems you've been having! Here's to a better couple of months ahead. (An asmr with sleepy dogs would be amazing also just as a suggestion)
Feb 2017
come back !! please
Feb 2017
AMAZING TINGLES! helps me to relax when i need to! definitely subscribing! ❤️
Feb 2017
Is so loud in my living room because my family is watching a movie and I can't sleep so thanks for this vid
Feb 2017
Wow sounds so goodI would have this on everu night
Jan 2017
ahh thats the stuff. exactly what i needed. ty
Jan 2017
Been so long since I've watched a video by you. I guess it's time to start sleeping again.
Jan 2017
Can You Please Tell Me What Unintelligible Means ? I'm Not An ASMRtist I Tried To Do Stuff Though ROFL I Love Your Sounds !!! :D
Dec 2016
Tingle bells, tingle bells, tingle all the wayyyyy..