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Hi friends! I started watching ASMR in 2014 - and shortly after... I decided I would try my hand at making my own! I've been gone for something like three years now - I had some big things happen, and it meant that, well, life got interesting for a littl

*** Public Service Announcement from your friendly neighborhood ASMRtist: IF YOU DO NOT LIKE MOUTH SOUNDS DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO. *** You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming... ANYWAY - (^_^) I intended to do a request before this vi


Jan 2020
No way! This has cheered me right up. I discovered you when you had already gone. Your unintelligible whispers are the best. Have you turned into a fellow Britt? ?
Jan 2020
The first ever ASMR channel I enjoyed, so happy
Jan 2020
I'm so glad you're back!! your inaudible whispering is my favorite and I hope you'll do it in the future too :) welcome back!
Jan 2020
OMG are you alive))I missed you so much!
Oct 2019
I’m so excited you’re coming back!!
Jul 2019
Can you do one just tracing with your fingers? I love the sound of porcelain cups being traced
Mar 2019
Feb 2019
This is nice! I discovered just last night that ceramics could be a nice trigger for me. (3 ASMR Bakery had this video featuring a small ceramic cup. The sound was so lovely I went searching for something similar tonight. Have to wake up at 5 tomorrow, so
Nov 2018
amazing sound.
Oct 2018
I just watched all of your unintelligible whispering videos and I just realized this was the last, and was posted 2 years ago... Come bacckkkk !