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Good now and welcome to an original, authentic, eclectic, organic, random, spontaneous, experimental, improvisational, unscripted, ever-evolving experience that blends nature, art, comedy, the surreal & absurd, horror, philosophy, the human experience, cr

It's time to play a game where I perform a variety of ASMR techniques that will determine whether or not you will be able to fall asleep. 00:00:00 Let the Game Begin 00:00:15 Testing, Testing... 00:03:08 Good Now 00:05:19 About the Game 00:11:43 How To Pl


May 2024
I told you he loses it everytime he sends a short!
May 2024
We need a lottery type thing where we can win a ride along with uncle e.
May 2024
In America is the left lane or the right lane the slow laneAnd wow, I cannot believe it’s still daylight at 9pm. In Australia it’s lucky to be daylight at 630-7pm in mid - summer
May 2024
lol some of us remember the tweets you made
May 2024
Having been riding as a passenger on trains over the weekend, traversing to different outer reaches of the metro to countryside borders (for fun, of course), this feels quite comforting. No other pesky passengers, no need to get up and change lines; just o
May 2024
If only corvus could take the wheel.
May 2024
One of my favorite types of videos ER has done - along with the OG rain drive from back in the day
May 2024
thanks for the different camera angle, no motion sickness this time
May 2024
this is so fucking phenomenal
May 2024
Love you