ASMR for Returning Subscribers

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Good now and welcome to an original, authentic, eclectic, organic, random, spontaneous, experimental, improvisational, unscripted, ever-evolving experience that blends nature, art, comedy, the surreal & absurd, horror, philosophy, the human experience, cr

Welcome back to another video to help you relax, sleep and experience ASMR (if you do). 00:00:00 A Puzzling Introduction 00:08:49 An Unexpected Visitor 00:14:19 Verifying Your Subscription 00:27:49 Returning Subscriber Gift 1 00:35:50 Returning Subscriber


May 2024
You like chicken head in a paper cup right ?????? yeah, that’s what I thought ?
May 2024
What kind of vehicle is that? I don’t recognize the interior.
May 2024
Why does he kinda sound like Walter White?
May 2024
Why do I feel like I’m being kidnapped❓ I feel like I’m tied up in the back and you’re taking me to your secluded cabin? …for real though, cool video, makes me wanna move to Pennsylvania someday and leave this expensive California state ?
May 2024
May 2024
May 2024
Imagine this but with a 360° camera
May 2024
Uncle E, could you do some kind of Children of Atom fallout RP? They do a lot of weird Eldritch style whispering in the Far Harbor dlc and it reminded me of when you do the same thing. I think you could rly do a cool video with that
May 2024
Beautiful trails and scenery. Wish I had a place like this to hike near me
May 2024
Did you steal it