Summer Time (School Break/Graduation, Vacation/Holiday, Hot Weather, etc.) (ASMR)

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Good now and welcome to an original, authentic, eclectic, organic, random, spontaneous, experimental, improvisational, unscripted, ever-evolving experience that blends nature, art, comedy, the surreal & absurd, horror, philosophy, the human experience, cr

I talk about all things summer, such as summer break from school, graduating and the future, taking a vacation/holiday or even a staycation from work, and other related topics. Channel Playlists:


May 2024
You should drive on Toad's Turnpike next
May 2024
What kind of car is that?
May 2024
Where the hell did you get that tibia because ive been wanting to make a bone sword.
May 2024
10 minutes in and i think you nailed the video just right. the veiw is fitting for the drive. havent been on the turnpike since i was last at the renn fair so, nostalgic, thank you
May 2024
Why does it look like there so many video missing?
May 2024
76 is the worst!
May 2024
“My name is Ephemeral Rift. I change my channel picture every 5 seconds and have really been amusing myself lately making videos everybody hates. Because I have become yet another cliche, washed up content creator on YouTube who believes I can do no wron
May 2024
Am I the only one seeing that parkour guy from my childhood through the window?
May 2024
dont worry man, people ruin my day to ;D
May 2024
Oh but I love the soft spoken :0 I rlly thought it would be a soft spoken vid at the start haha