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Relaxing Triggers

Triggers are sounds and or events, that stimulate the senses within our mind. Sound is very likely the source for responding sensations, however, sometimes quietness, repetition, patterns, silence, or movements trigger our senses. While there are many crossovers between different trigger types, thes broad categories may help you find what you're looking for.

Sound Triggers

When you just can't get enough, sound triggers make it simple, and there are videos numbering in the thousands.

Sensory Responses

The spontenaetiety along with neuro health are important as to whether one will experience a Seonsory Response Autonomously.

Sexual Triggers

Sometimes called spank material, or jerk off instructions, otherwise called fetish, or kink, sexual triggers are alive and well, and typically much more well known in popular cirlces.


Chinese Traditional Medicine references meridians, where Qi energy is said to flow. Needles are used to heal the patient by stimulating points along electromagnetic pathways. Ocean species have Lorenzini Ampullae that are classed as Electrorecptors, while humans have dermal and somatic Magnetoception. In Caltech experiments, alpha-ERD shows that the human brain can detect Earth-strength magnetic fields, demonstrating that we have a sensory system that processes the geomagnetic field all around us. CALTECH.EDU

Web Resources

There are many ASMR communities scattered across the web that list videos that are otherwise difficult to find.

Not Safe For Work (NSFW) ASMR on Reddit


Unintentional ASMR on Reddit

UnintentionalASMR (Reddit)

Live ASMR on Twitch

ASMR Twitch

Printable Flyers

Some pages on this website are also flyers that can be folded into pamphlets, or posted to walls. Download and print out as many as you wish and use them however you want.

Printable Books

A book series assembled while I was homeless at the Salvation Army in Hamilton Ontario, Canada. Made from the library computers, these printed versions are bound in steel bindings, and laminated with clear tape waterproofing.
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response Directory ASMR Videos Cymatics SetiSea BBall Triggers Website Index